Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reality Check

I had to laugh a few times today. See, my friend (and yours) Senor Solly out on the west coast posted something today that said something to the effect that the Marlins have once again eliminated the Mets. Then, Metsblog posted a t-shirt that the site The Apple made in honor of it, on the Elimination Day yesterday.

And I had to laugh. I know, it's funny that it's always the Marlins, isn't it? They are that pesky bug that won't die, the annoying little brother who will hold his finger a few inches away from you while saying "I'm not TOUCHING you," the let-me-at-'em-I'll-splat-'em annoying fucking Scrappy Doo.

But here's where I have to disagree. Trust me, I have plenty of sports teams that can make me cry with getting my hopes up only to dash them at the very end. Like last year, with my hockey team, the Bleeding Blueshirts (Rangers). They lost on the last day of the season BUT what they really lost was opportunity.

Lost opportunities. That's the theme here. The Mets didn't get eliminated by the Marlins. They did a fine job of doing that themselves.

Some fans think the Phillies are the Mets' worst enemy. Some still hate the Braves. I have an irrational anger towards the Marlins. I know the record against these teams, especially this season, is not a good one. But it would all be misguided.

The Mets' worst enemy has to be themselves. They are always getting in their own way. It's counterproductive and akin to shooting themselves in the foot. What saddens me is how much potential and promise there was at the beginning of the season. Then all fire just fizzled out.

This is a common theme that keeps repeating itself. And it won't get any better.

I think the only thing that can change them is a change from the top. I don't think a potential new General Manager should worry about trading Carlos Beltran or breaking up the "core" but rather seeing a better way to BUILDING around the team. Using the surplus of prospects for trades...after all, there is NO way they can all play. And a manager who can tell it like it is. I'm not even talking fiery, Bobby Cox-like or Bobby Valentine-type of big personality. We need a guy who can help cultivate this talent and bring it to the next level since it's obvious the "player's manager" types are not working.

So when we get upset at the Marlins, at the Phils, whoever, just remember...if you spot it, you got it. And what we "got" is a case of pointing the finger at the wrong dudes. The Mets have no one to blame but themselves. That's okay. There's a lot of lessons to be learned here. But let's not blame the Marlins for this.


Gregg Hopps said...

Nice job Coop. I couldn't have said it better myself. The need to look into the mirror and hold themselves accountable. A new GM and a new manager will also bring a new attitude in. How many more days till opening day 2011?

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