Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shea Goodbye - Part Three

Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to introduce you to...Mezzanine Section 10, where Mr. E and I shared a Saturday plan for almost three years.
Section 10 was where we ended up after complaining to the ticket office about the fact that it freaking RAINED on us in Row B, which was underneath the rafters, in Section 22. See, in 2003, or more aptly after the 2003 season, you could effectively call to complain to the ticket office and threaten to not renew your ticket plan. And they would be all over you to renew, and do anything to keep you around. Unlike today, when you threaten to not re-up in CitiField, and they basically laugh in your face and hang up the phone in your ear. Anyway, life in Section 22, as I chronicled, was pretty rowdy. Not so much in Section 10. Veeeeerrrrry "family friendly." Fred Wilpon would be pleased at the lack of cursing, lack of chanting and overall just respectful clapping of your team. How uneventful.
Mr. E. and I also sat in the same seats in Section 10 -- Row B, seats 1 & 2. These two guys, Mark and Eddie (left to right, flanking yours truly, below), sat in seats 3 & 4. Still do. But pretty much for the 2004 season, we barely exchanged a word. Maybe "Excuse me" every once a while, when we'd have to navigate the seats to accomodate our bags, our drinks, our food, and when people around us decided to get up.
The first time we ever truly spoke was a funny situation. One game in 2005, Mr. E couldn't make it, and I wanted to go, so I made the trip to Shea by myself. I think it was a good giveaway or something. Anyway, I get to the stadium early and start walking around. I get some food, grab a program, and head to my seats. But when I get there, see, there's a girl sitting in one of the Coop seats. I say, rather snarkily I might add, "Excuse me, these seats are taken." Without a fight, she gets up, and I sit down in seat 2, my "usual" seat. The crowd heads in, takes their seats, and I start keeping score once the game starts. A guy, not the usual Mark or Eddie, starts asking me how long I've been keeping score. We strike up a conversation and I realize something...the crowd starts getting rowdy. I mean, it's seriously the second inning of a game in 2005. 2005 was a pretty good year, but much too early.
But something was also different. I didn't recognize anyone from my section. But I figured...well, maybe everyone sold their tickets. Yeah, right. I didn't see the lady who sits in the section to my right (who you'll read about soon), the two guys who sit next to me and Dad aren't there...even the nice grey-haired gentleman with the two little boys, nowhere to be found. But I knew I was in trouble when the two stoners from Hofstra weren't yelling, "What d'ya sayyyyyy...Cliff....BANGER!" whenever Cliff Floyd was at bat...where was everybody? I didn't care though, this crowd reminded me of the old days in Section 22.
But as I looked to my right, I noticed the lady and her son in their seats...not an aisle away but an aisle, a section and a whole other aisle separating us. It was then I saw the two dudes, the Hofstra boys, even the guy with the two little boys. Rather sheepishly, I might add, I turn to the guys I was sitting next to and said..."Um, yeah...I made a mistake. I'm sitting in the wrong section."
It was the third inning by now. And I was embarrassed but laughing, I might add. I go to my real seats. And I had to ask who I now know as Mark, the son, to scootch over, because he was in my seat. And I said, "Before I tell you what happened to me, I have to say I am truly embarrassed to say I have no idea what your names are." And I found out they were a father and son team from Long Island. Mark and I email each other in the offseason and to check in on each other once in a while. They have Jets season tickets, and I plan on going to a game with them sometime this season.
Now when I first noticed the people below, the mother / son team of Julie and Ben (also from Long Island), well, let's just say I don't even know if Julie remembers this. But my first impression of her was: feisty mama bear. And I loved her from the word go, even though we never uttered a word to each other.

So, providing you've been to Shea Stadium at least once in your lives, you know that the fifth inning brings out the Pepsi Party Patrol, who launch the t-shirts from their "cannons." Now, when I bring people to the Coop box now, they say, "There's no way a shirt can get up here, right?" Wrong. I've seen those shirts reach heights in the upper box. Anyway, this one particular Saturday, Ben, who I guess must have been nine, turning 10 (as he turned 13 last year), at the time, decided he was going to try to catch a t-shirt. Well, as fate would have it, a shirt came directly our way, but to his chagrin, the gentleman in the Mezz Box in front of him was taller and just edged Ben out of reach of the shirt.
Now think back to when you were nine or 10. That disappointment would have devastating. And Ben was no different. He was visibly upset and went over to Julie, crying a little. Instead of telling him, "Honey, it's a free t-shirt, don't get too upset" (which my mom would have told me, ha ha), she was instead, "He did WHAT?!?!?" (in her delicious Long Island accent). She runs over the guy, yells at could tell the look on his face (now in this dude's defense, he didn't knock the kid over, I think he honestly didn't realize a little kid was behind him), he was scared to death of this woman, chastising him for sleighting her child.
That wasn't all -- she told the head security guard (whom I found out she is very good friends with) about it...and the next time they had a home run hit, they gave the ball to Ben, and he was on Diamond Vision. So see, it's nice to get riled up. Mr. E and I called Julie (when we didn't know her name) "Feisty Lady."
I feared her, yet wanted to become her.
Anyway, short story even longer, there was a 3:55 pm on a Saturday in late 2005, and I might have had a few beers on the way to the stadium. So I was a little happy. Finally, i had the guts to introduce myself to these people. Her reaction? "Well, you know, you've only been sitting here for two years now, it's about time you introduced yourself."
I wonder what she called me. In fact, she thought my dad (who looks very young, with his bleach blond Nascar mullet) might have been my brother. Very surprised.
I'm not sure if I'll miss Shea. I'll miss certain things about Shea, and Julie & Ben and Mark & Eddie are definitely four things I will certainly miss on Saturdays. I will miss sitting in the same vicinity as these wonderful wonderful folks.
And I remember when I was a little girl sitting in Section 22 of the Loge, thinking of the friends my dad and Uncle Gene made as a result of going to all those games. And hoping, someday, I would have those same friends. Well, I do. And I did. And I'm grateful for my Summer Family at Shea, my summer home.

Murph And The Magic Tones

What a difference a day makes, huh? I do have to say this: as horrible as the game was yesterday, and losing the first place lead to the Phils, most of Metsopotamia was in good spirits. Mostly for one thing: one, this was not a traditional "do or die" game. There is plenty of baseball to be played, and it's going to be a two-dog (or team) race from here on in. Yes, you heard it here first, after this weekend, consider the Marlins out of the race.

Although our bullpen sucks (just don't ask Dykstraw about it though -- he nearly had a heart attack when I nonchalantly asked why Pedro Feliciano was warming up -- he asked who did I expect? Kent Tekulve? Steve Bedrosian? Well, Jesse Orosco, maybe...but of course, I am contrite, Anthony), our offense is solid AND managed to score some significant (not to mention momentum changing) runs in an inning not numbered 1,2 or 3!

And although Johan Santana didn't come through the way I expected him to (I predicted a 3-hit shutout this afternoon, but I'll take a win any day of the week that he starts), he is worth every cent of the $150mm contract for making Victorino look like a fool.

But I want to talk about two landscape-altering players today: Carlos Delgado and Daniel "Magic tone" Murphy. Forget David Wright, forget Jose Reyes and any other so-called "marquee" player on this pussy team. Without these two dudes, there is NO WAY this team would have scrapped together enough runs to even tie the Phils, let alone win the stupid freaking game.

Willy Fabuloso said it best tonight: Carlos, I'm sorry. Even Toasty Joe posted his apology note to Carlos for throwing him under the bus several times. Hell, I'm even guilty of it. He provided more than half of the offense by driving in a first inning run with a single...then jacked two very BIG home runs!! This time, I thought Dykstraw would have a heart attack celebrating.

(And of course, Will said that Carlos Beltran deserved to be on the Big Pussy List for not hitting when there was 2-out, man on third, and the pitcher intentionally walked Carlos Delgado to get to him. Of course, I think it had more to do with Delgado mashing the ball lately, but still...Beltran's a pussy. So there.)

Then comes Magic Tone Murph...I knew, just knew he was going to come through for us in that spot. And boy, did he ever. I even saw a little less-like-Shane-Victorino-more-like-a-professional-clap as he came into second base with his bases clearing 2-run double.

This is Murph, and you are watching the Magic Tones. Now, don't you go changin'.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Posse In Effect

The Big Pussy's Posse is back and in full effect, especially after the Mets decided to blow a perfectly decent 7 run lead.

I'll still be at Butterfield 8's tonight. I gotta do something to get this bitter taste of bile out of my mouth. Anyone have a mint?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rally Photos!

In the spirit of rooting for our boys on the road AND against pitted rival Philtha-delphia, I am posting some of our part-ay pics from Friday night!!! Enjoy - LGM - and visit Metsblog for info on the viewing party at Butterfield 8 tomorrow night! BE THERE!!
Jay the Dawg (aka SassDawg) leading the charge with a rousing chorus of "Meet the Mets!"

The ever-infamous "Schmifty"and Matt the Met Fan, one of the motley crew in BMF.

Coop and Fort Greene Met Fan meeting for the first time!
Candid of El Duderino (the "Dude" for brevity purposes), talking to CoreyNYC on how the rug really tied the room together.
Schmifty again, in the T-shirt that started it all...yes, that is THE Go Big Pelf shirt!

Miss Zoe, Corey and his gal, Em (the inspiration for this post).

Who Needs Wagner?

Or a bullpen for that matter, when Big Pelf pitches complete game after complete game?

Or John Maine, who was officially DL'd yesterday, for that matter?

We got our show stopper right here, and his name is Michael Pelfrey.

And what the heck, after I posted a mini-rant on MD&D on how the Mets can't seem to score after the 1st inning, not only do they add on six more runs...but six runs TOTAL are due to Carlos Delgado.

Carlos Delgado, the same guy I wanted to trade for a pair of shoes in the offseason, is really shutting the collective Mets fan up. I still don't want him in 2009...but he's making a case as to why he should stay.

As for me, I'm just waiting, patiently, for this shit in Philly to go down this week. I'm feeling good about it though. And you should too.

Go Big Pelf. And go Mets.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Very Special My Summer Family Announcement!


On behalf of Zoe and Dykstraw, I'd like to formally introduce Mets Divas and Dykstraw, a new forum for three Mets amigos' ideas to be kicked around!!

After much encouragement from the likes of Cerrone, Joe @ Mets Today, and Mike Silva at BlogTalkRadio, the three of us decided to experiment with a little bit of blogging, a little bit of talk, and a WHOLE lot of action...METS action, that is!

So don't worry MSG constituents, I will still be actively contributing over here. This is just a different forum for different and new ideas.

I'll still be my salty self, don't you worry.

OK, that's all. Later.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Down With the Sickness

Is it time to start worrying about John Maine?

Well besides the fact that he gave up a home run to Lance Berkman Saturday night that still hasn't landed, Jerry Manuel is standing tough and saying that if he doesn't throw well in his session this week, we're shutting him down.

Not to mention, according to Metsblog, Maine will most certainly need surgery in the offseason.


At the beginning of the season, I predicted big things from Big Pelf but also that John Maine was going to surprise us all by having the best season of all Mets pitchers. While I was on the money about Pelf, I should have stuck with my Willie Gut and said that Oh Pea would be -- since he is.

But even that was not evident BMF eloquently put it, Oh Pea may have thrown lots of pitches yesterday, but was dominant in his appearance against the 'Stros.

I have also gone on record to say that the bullpen blowing games isn't bothering me as much as I thought it would. That said, with the game being tied yesterday, I wouldn't say so much they blew it that...well, I guess the better bullpen won that match (yes I do know I am grasping at straws). Oh yeah and Aaron Heilman not coming in when the slate was clean. Or coming in with ducks on the pond. You get the drift. That was the first Willie-esque move I saw Manuel pull in his tenure. In other words, why?

But guess what folks? It's not just Heilman. It's Pedro Feliciano, who gave up two dingers yesterday, and Duaner Sanchez, who forgets how to get people out. Thank goodness for Johan and Pelf throwing complete games this year and being adamant to Jerry about not being taken out.

But slay me if I am more concerned with the offense taking a nap. These are the 2008 ASTROS not the '27 Yankees, and this team needs to grow some balls already and score some runs after the first inning.

Just sayin'.

After tonight's (Monday) game against the Astros (as BMF astutely puts it, if the Mets lose the division by one game, we can look to these games against the 'Stros, that suck overall except for Lance Berkman, who now I have a massive crush on -- purely for his baseball abilities, I assure you), we go to enemy territory, for two important games. Are they make or break? No. But it will sure lay to rest our concerns against the Beasts of the East.

I mean, who care if we lost games to Western and Central teams, if we can wipe up the East by slaying them, isn't that what counts?

We'll see.

Oh and maybe after all that, we need Castillo back...nahhhhhhhhhhhhh...

And surprise surprise surprise...El Duque's career may be over. Although in this article, Brandon Eddy over at Metsblog has incorrectly stated Duque's age as 38...Isn't he 98?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Put It In the Books!!! Blondies Rally Party - Friday Night!

As a kind reminder folks, BMF, CMF and I are hosting a rally party at Blondie's tomorrow night, just for the hell of it. 79th between Broadway and Amsterdam.

Oh yeah, and Carlos Delgado just had a walk-off hit and the Mets won.

Now let's go kick some Assssss-tros...yes, that is something I would have said when I was 12, along with Kick Some Buc Butt. Oh yeah, I was clever.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How Em Got Her Groove Back

I should look at Facebook's status more often.

Today, CoreyNYC's gal, Em, said something to the effect that she's been at a streak of nine losses. Prior to tonight, that is. But I was in "whatever" mode. I'd be sitting with Dykstraw. Even if the Mets lost to the Braves (which was easily imaginable), I'd be entertained.

Well, the only thing entertaining about the game was finding something for Dykstraw to complain about...Nope, didn't happen. Between us having Brett Favre as our QB this season, and the Mets were technically on a one-game win-streak, we had a pretty quiet evening.

Oh, couple that with the fact that the Mets not only won, Mike "Big Pelf" Pelfrey got his FIRST complete game, like, ever and they beat the Braves.

I learned something today though. That Braves fans must feel like we did as fans in the late 90s, even early '00s, their team gets beat in such ugly ways, they just have be to know what? I'm ok with it. I always felt the Mets / Braves rivalry was one-sided anyway. save the big brother beating up on little brother "Why are you always picking on meeeeeeeee" attitude...the geography never fully supported a true rivalry. We care too much as fans, their fans could give a crap (but ask them about their favorite driver, they'll rattle off three names). Their team is so irrelevant at this moment, it's not even fair.

So to make a long story short (because none of my Pelfrey scoreboard facts came out in my digitial camera hopes), yes, Em, there is a Mets Clause, it just happens to be when Dykstraw and I are sitting in the Coop box.

Which coincidentally, he's trying to figure out how to smuggle in a screwdriver. I don't want my seats, just the plaque with the Cooper name on it.


Soooo...I watched maybe an inning or two of the game last night. OK, I'm lying...I watched half an inning. OK, that's not exactly correct either. I watched the last two outs of the game, so technically, 2/3 of inning.

Why was that? Well, Tuesday night is free night at the Clearview if you are a Cablevision Triple Play customer. And I figured, I would just be aggravated if I decided to sit home and watch the game, when I could have been at a free movie.

So of course when I checked the score as I left the theater, I was kinda happy that I stayed away. I mean, even in the box score, all I say was Larry Jones this. Larry Jones that. Francoeur what? I was boiling, so I was happy. Plus the one-run games are the kiss of death to Mets. These are the games, see, that the bullpen won't blow wide open but the offense takes a nap.

But boy. Was I wrong. As I got off the train, my scores weren't working, so I duck into the nearest bar. Hello! 4-3 Mets, bottom of the 8th. I start texting ferociously to Zoe, as she was in a place with no scores / TVs available. Of course, my scores don't work the entire walk now....NOW I say to myself, the bullpen is gonna blow it.

Not so fast. So it was certainly nice to see not only the Braves being insignificant this year, but that their bullpen is the worst, while Mets' have the second worst. Go team. I mean, we shoulda seen this one coming...Bad Ollie wasn't even in full force and managed to keep them in the game. That's something, right?

So I will be at the game tonight, and rooting away. No free movies tonight, but a free game. That I technically paid for already. I'm such a dork.

Remember -- Friday night, Blondies party in conjunction with Brooklyn Met Fan and Chicago Met Fan!!! Game start: 7:10 pm. Apparently, BMF is hooking us up with some drink specials!!! So you can find me by the bar then.

OH and apparently there is an SNY event on Tuesday next week @ the Hawaiian Tropic Zone. Not my favorite place in the world, but we had fun last year. Just wish they had better items and drink specials, like our Blondie's party.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


So, as I getting my daily morning crack...erm...Mets news from Metsblog, Matt over there informs us that Anderson Hernandez was traded to the Washington Nationals for relief RHP Luis Ayala. I would gather that this is a classic case of garbage in, garbage out, since it was obvious that though his D was on, Andy Hernandy wouldn't amount to more than the Rey Ordonez of 2B. It's also obvious that Andy is the odd man, with the emergence Lil Reyes aka Argenis Reyes more than doing his part -- plus let us not forget that Omar Minaya INSISTED upon giving Luis "Family Matters" Castillo a four-year contract, bad-knees and all.

That said, I have a bad feeling about Ayala. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he'll do just fine out of the 'pen. His numbers might not suggest so, but remember that the Nats suck, don't give a lot of run support to their pitchers, and they are in last place. Perhaps Ayala will adjust to new surroundings on a first place team (hee hee).

My concern though is the long-term implication for Billy Wagner.

As it was announced several times during the game, and even on Metsblog itself, Billy won't be returning on Monday as we originally planned. Turns out he's thrown some simulated game conditions and is not up to the job yet. Wagner was sent back to New York to be re-examined.

Well, doesn't that suck?

Was he up to the job to begin with? I wonder, because he was lights out at the beginning of the season, then became John Franco Part Deux.

My thought is, with the bullpen being shaky, Eddie Kunz being too young and a little shaky himself (though I think that he'll turn out OK), and our offense turning it off after the first inning (except for last night!), WTF is going to happen to our 'pen stability if Wagner is out for an even more extended period of time.

Best case: he's re-examined, has a tired arm and is out for a few more day, MAYBE another 15-days as a precaution, and he comes back with a vengeance for the October push.

Worst case: he'll rush back and either further hurt himself, or worse, he'll keep blowing saves when they matter most.

Either way, we could be in for a really nail-biting ride. Join with me folks! I'm going to manage to stay calm, although I was throwing things at the television last night.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh this is just too good

Only question is, what happens if I go to this and they suddenly discover that I'm an "Undesirable".

How lucky would one guy have to be to get not only Larry "Put one in his neck" Anderson, The Phanatic, and Shane "The Flyin Pig Fucker" Victorino all in one place, now how lucky would a guy have to be to get them all to them selves for a week.

Look here!!!! I think I might have to go to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Put On Your Big Boy Pants And Deal With It

I haven't written a Big Pussy's post in a few months now, basically because I was a big pussy myself and couldn't muster up the gall to do it every week. Hopefully, I'll be back at GBU with some ruminations in a few weeks.

But for now, I will nominate Mets fans as the Big Pussy Pick of the Year for a few things. And mostly for the mob mentality I have been experiencing in other forums re: the bullpen.

Yes, I am aware that they suck. And I am aware they've blown 20 saves and according to Metsblog, have only won seven of those games. I know it's ugly. But the fact of the matter is, after last night's brutal slay of NL East rival Nationals, the Mets are back in first.

All better now? See, I'm tired of listening to fans rip on the team, rip on Omar Minaya (who has gotten his fair share of criticism from me, but I will just attest he's done an okay job, not a great job, he's done his part for now), and rip on the state of affairs that the team is just not "that good."

I know being in first place on August 14 is not that big of a bragging right. But it's ours for now, and you know what? I'll take it.

I said last week that I'm refusing to get bent over losses, no matter how painful they are. For one, my cardiologist says it's not good for me. And two, I just know that we still have lots of baseball to play.

Sure I'll be disappointed if their season does not extend into October. But right now, I'm kind of enjoying this passionate yet stress-free existence.

But I know that some Mets fans have nothing to say if they have nothing to complain about. So there that is.

All I can say to that is what my dear old aunt would say -- Put on your big boy pants and DEAL WITH IT!! Enjoy it while we can. It could be worse...we could be Nationals fans.

Brooklyn Met Fan and I would like to cordially invite you to Blondie's next Friday, August 22, to watch the game amongst friends (7:10 pm start). No special reason, we talked about it last week, then a surprise guest (if you click on the link, it won't be a surprise anymore) said she'd be in town and would love to meet up with us. So now, it's a BMF, CMF and MSF party!!!

Be there, or you'll pull a hammy.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Cyclone Sandwich

I haven't done a weekend like this in a while. I attended a Cyclones game in Coney Island on Saturday, sandwiched between two Mets good, one not so much.

The Cyclones game was even more interesting. Well, maybe not the game itself (it was quite boring), but the funny thing is if the Cyclones lose, I do not leave the park feeling like a sour puss as if the Mets lost. Although today was different, but I'll get to that in a minute. I was hardly fazed with the Mets losing today. Why? Cause I was in here,
with this:
and this!

Although I didn't partake in the pizza. Frankly, I am a Jersey girl, and you cannot tell a Jersey Girl what is delicious pizza. Boom. End of story. (but if you are curious, check this site out and this too -- two of my faves)

But you know, I want to talk about the Cyclones game. Basically because I used to have season tickets, and now I go to maybe one game a year. This was a total whim -- thanks to Mr. Oh for taking me at the last minute. Although I had kicked the idea during the week, it was a last minute decision to trek into Coney Island. There is something inherently charming about Coney Island. I guess because it's like a relic from a former era. Although to me, a Jersey shore girl through and through, I have a tough time going to a "boardwalk" thats on asphalt. But to see the Cyclone, and the ocean, and then add in baseball, it's as if someone knew all my favorite things and meshed them all together.

I don't know if you can see it here, but I was able to see Ike Davis play. I couldn't really gather an opinion -- after all, it was only one game in his first few months playing pro ball. I saw Joe Janish from Mets Today, um, today and he actually asked about Reese Havens, who apparently was hurt, but he played yesterday. Joe seemed very excited about Havens, so I'll take his word for it. Joe follows the minors a lot more closely than I do.

But today, today was interesting. For one, I got to watch the game in good company, with the likes of BMF, rockin the "Go Big Pelf" shirt below,

and also the Metsblog crew (Matt, Reege, Mike, Brandon), Hotfoot's Anthony, Joe from Mets Today, the Divas including Zoe and SNK, Mike from Mike's Mets, and Greg and Jason from Faith and Fear.
Now, normally, I might get bent about losing to the Marlins, especially in the fashion they did today. But surprisingly, I am incredibly calm. I don't know why, but for some strange reason, I feel as though everything in the end is going to be okay.

I figure I could get one of two things -- the Mets will participate in the pennant race till the very end, or they can go on a losing streak and just never return.

Now they may have been playing over their heads for a while, though that is up for debate, but I believe in my heart of hearts, we will be watching a very special and memorable season. And not just because it's Shea's last year. Because I still think this team has some fight left in it.

As for me, I'm just enjoying the ride for as long as I can I guess.
Now I would like some feedback -- BMF and I were discussing the possibility of doing a BMF / MSF night at Blondies soon. Who's up for it?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Swiffa

Grrrrr for today.

And last night.

And the night before.

And just when I thought things were turned around. Fuck sweeps when they are not conducted by the Mets.

You know fans think we are over the hump when the Brooklyn Met Fan forum is actually positive for once. Of course, once this team gets on a losing streak, all the Randy Quaids from Major League II come out of the woodwork.

I'm not singling out BMF's readers. Just sayin' that it was nice and quiet with roses and cupids with bows and arrows when the Mets are winning.

It's all of us. Ask Mr. E, he's blaming Uncle Gene for being too "positive" and jinxing the team.


And you know, once it rains, it motherfucking pours.

Billy Wagner - out with vaginitis. (OK, technically a left forearm pain, but still...we can't win as fans. He either blows saves with a hurt arm, or blows saves indirectly by making the 'pen pick up the slack). I swear, other teams must be salivating at the prospect of facing our bullpen. I hate to say it, but a lot of fucking good it was to get Johan Santana. If we can't handle having the best pitcher in baseball on our staff, well, what good is the team?

My solution? DL the bastard and by bastard, I mean Billy "I Heart Alpacas" Wagner. I know, our closing situation just got weaker, but I would rather he be better now, than take time off during more important serieses.

Next -- now John Maine is hurt. On the 15-day DL. I feel bad for Maine. You can tell that in his last few appearances he was truly pressing. Jerry Manuel basically told him, you are not well, go on the DL. I can only hope that my Maine Man will be 100% for August and the September push.

But in other news, Eddie Kunz was promoted. I saw him pitch in Lucie in March, I thought he looked pretty good, but let's be honest, it was a small sample set. I will look forward to seeing him hold his own in the majors.

In other news, Ted Berg's man crush, Val Pascucci, hit three home runs in a game the other night. Perhaps with another injury to Marlon Anderson (and hopefully, that has been his excuse this season, with his overall suckitude), Val can finally get his due?

I don't know. I don't know what the answer is. All I know is that a week and a half ago, the Mets were in first, and now are 2.5 games out.


But here's the issue -- who here knew the game was over Friday night when the Mets failed to score with 0 outs and bases loaded in the 7th inning? Um, yeah. Thought so. When we cannot expect any situational or clutch hitting from David Wright or anyone, and we are relying on the great hope of Val Pascucci or Eddie Kunz...we are in trouble.

What I am about to say is looooooooong overdue, but MSF buddy (and hopefully yours), Ed in Westchester, is back and with a vengeance!!! His newly remodeled Blue Orange and Green Cafe is now called Nice Level Swing, and it's good to have another friendly blogger in Metsopotamia.

A common refrain used at his site is called "Just. Win. Series." And I could not agree more.

Now, judging by my attitude earlier, you might think I am about to jump. But I'm not. I am also not at the point of apathy as I was back in May...but I will say that I am not too stressed over losing this series, not to mention getting swept and losing four in a row (blech).

But I will say that if the team goes on a roll, and just wins series, then we will be fine.

Just. Win. Series.


Who's goin' this week?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Kids it's my favorite time of the year again

It's the 4th annual Hall of Hate voting over at Metstradamus. While it is not the most creative thing in the world to blog on someone elses blog, this is truly one of the most creative annual features on a blog. Currently in the lead with 29 votes cast is Shane "The flying pig fucker" Victorino followed in a close second by Tom Glavine.

Also noteworthy is that the write in voting is also coming along strongly with votes having been cast for the Phanatic "A worthy vote getter", as well as the tandem of Joe Buck and Tim McBlowsJeter....

Remember fans, unlike stuffing the ballot box for the All Star Game, you only get one vote.